Oh where or where did the baby girl go?

The picture above depicts something odd, something for sure I’ve never photographed before: the inside of one of our speakers. And inside the speaker you can see something curled up in the corner, something white. Something that shouldn’t be inside a speaker, and was put there by a little girl. A little girl named Chelsea.

Yes, Chelsea pushed a baby from her Fisher Price Little People collection into the hole in the front of the speaker, causing the baby to fall into the middle of the speaker and rest on the insulation inside. Sheesh! In a few minutes, we’re going to try to extricate said baby from the speaker by shaking it. Let’s hope it works!

These months mark the time in my life that I add “retrieving toys from odd places in the house” to my to do list. Can’t wait until it’s retrieving miscellaneous toys from odd parts of the body! My friend’s daughter shoved a crayon up her nose once and it lodged in there – unfortunately, those days are still ahead of us!

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