A Year of New – Week 13: An Affair to Remember

Where: Home
Cost: Free from the library

It’s been a busy week so I thought I’d carry my movie theme from last week’s A Year of New post through to this week.

It was years ago when the movie “Sleepless in Seattle” came out that I first heard of the 1957 classic movie, “An Affair to Remember.” In “Sleepless”, the characters played by Meg Ryan, Rosie O’Donnell and Rita Wilson all had a good cry remembering and watching this Cary Grant/Deborah Kerr flick, which made me sit up and take notice that perhaps it would be a movie I’d like to see someday. (Yes, sometimes I’m such a girl!) Anyway, I was reminded of the movie today when I saw it sitting on the library shelves and decided to bring it home to check it out.

An Affair to Remember is the story of a man and a woman who meet on a ship crossing the Atlantic and fall in love; the only catch is that they are both involved with other people. At the end of the voyage they vow to meet up in six months at the top of the Eiffel Tower if they still want to be together. When that time comes, only one of them shows up.

I sometimes love 50’s movies for their simplicity compared with all the bells and whistles of many of today’s films. Even though the sets look fake and the customs are so formal, movies of that time still manage to fulfill their promise of taking me away for a little while into another world. In parts of An Affair to Remember I was transported back to the little village of Villefranche, where coincidentally I attended a semester of school while in university (well, a hilltop just near there) and for that alone I can say that this movie was good. Grant and Kerr perform comically and emotionally, and the movie provides a nice mixture of amusement and drama. I did have the teensiest little cry at the end but it was nothing on the scale that the movie Beaches brought on so that was good!

I highly recommend An Affair to Remember if you love a good love story or just want to be reminded that things usually all do work out well in the end. Deborah Kerr has a lovely singing voice (I remembered halfway through the movie that she looked familiar because I’d seen her in the original “The King and I”) and Cary Grant was pretty easy on the eyes. The DVD’s backstory clips mentioned that sales and rentals of An Affair to Remember spiked after Sleepless in Seattle came out and now I can see why. A timeless classic, this is one chick flick not to be missed.

2 thoughts on “A Year of New – Week 13: An Affair to Remember

  1. I like this movie too – a little melodramatic at the end but…it's the 50's.

    I love Sleepless in Seattle – almost as much as You've Got Mail — which is a retelling of the Shop Around the Corner. A movie well worth finding a copy of, I do love Jimmy Stuart!


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