Willows Beach

Yesterday I decided to take Chelsea to the beach because I’d been feeling guilty that she’d only been once before, and that was with her Daddy. We only live five minutes from a beach but that one involves a lot of steps down, so I decided to drive over to Willows Beach in Oak Bay for our beach experience.

I wasn’t surprised that our little girl who loves the outdoors loved the beach. She was a little timid at first, wanting to hold my hand the whole way while she picked her feet up across the shifting sand, but soon we were standing at water’s edge and she was letting the waves come up over her sandals and get her feet wet.

We picked up rocks and threw them in the water, perched on a log, sat in the sand and used a stick to draw our initials, and then one of us decided it would be fun to pick up handfuls of sand and throw it in the air! (Guess who that was?) Before I knew it, Chelsea was laying down in a soft bed of sand and rolling around and then crawling in it. (It was about now that I realized that I should have brought a towel. Oh well.)

We were good and sandy by the time we made it back to the car and our sandals were toast. But it was really fun to finally get to the beach for Chelsea to play. And me too of course!

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3 thoughts on “Willows Beach

  1. I used to skip school and take off down to Willows Beach for the afternoon way back when. I love that beach. I still like to visit there when we come to Victoria for a visit.
    Just a little confession!!!


  2. Isn't it great the way children allow us to go back in time and be kids, too? Why do we need that excuse. An adult who retains that childlike wonder in the world is pure gold.
    Here's to playing our way through life!


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