Sitting deer

I’ve been blogging for almost four years now so you’d think I would be used to carrying my camera all over the place in order to snap an interesting shot when I saw one. Not so. I’ve been shunning my camera as of late because I’ve realized it doesn’t take great pictures. It’s sad to have a photogenic toddler in the house that I can’t quite capture! (We’re saving for a new camera now.)

At any rate, I could have used my camera this morning when I took Chelsea for a stroll around our new neighbourhood and saw a deer lounging on the sidewalk in front of someone’s house on a fairly busy road. I almost missed it sitting there because usually deer are on the move. I could have mistaken it for a lawn ornament other than the fact that it was sitting right in the middle of the sidewalk. Ever seen a cat lounging in the sun? That is what this deer was doing, it was very unusual!

I halted the stroller and wheeled Chelsea around so that she could see, but I don’t think she got what I was looking at. Moving deers are pretty darn exciting for her (we’ve seen them at our new house now a couple of times) but sitting deers … not so much. She probably thought it was a lawn ornament too!

People have mentioned to me that this part of Victoria is full of deer, and after only a few weeks of living in this area I can agree. I just hope that deer has its street smarts intact and doesn’t wander two steps off of the sidewalk and into traffic. Lots of avid gardeners here probably actively curse the deer and their ranging ways, but I still think they are gorgeous creatures and to see one sitting serenely in the sun this morning was a beautiful way to start my day.

If only I had my camera.

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