A Year of New – Week 10: Croquet

Where: A green space in Fairfield
Cost: Free (for me)

The other day my coworkers and I got together for a social time after work at one of our houses and played croquet. We thought that it would be a lot of fun even though most of us hadn’t played the game in years. I’m not sure that I’ve ever played it at all and if I have, I can’t remember.

It was so much fun! Our boss had picked up a decent croquet set at Canadian Tire so our go around the lawn was its inaugural use. Apparently you can get croquet mallets alone that cost $500 each, so I guess in some parts of the world (the UK perhaps?) croquet is quite the serious sport! But here in Victoria we can get away with doing it just for kicks, and a $30 set did just fine.

I turned out to be quite the terrible croquet player and ended up fobbing my mallet off on my coworker before the halfway mark to get her to pinch hit for me. She did a much better job! I think I have to work on my technique if I’m going to play it again, which I definitely want to because it was loads of fun. (Wow, I’m even starting to sound British…)

Writing about playing croquet in general is a bit of a pinch hit for my blog this week. I had planned to write about making crème brûlée but making it is giving me so much trouble that I am not ready to write about my findings yet! So consider this a sneak peek for next week when I will let you know how it all went. (Don’t worry, I haven’t burned the house down with the propane torch yet – I haven’t even gotten to that part!)

PS Thanks to sparktography on Flickr whose photo I used above under the Creative Commons licence.

2 thoughts on “A Year of New – Week 10: Croquet

  1. Croquet is a killer sport around here with a few of our friends. We don't have a large enough yard to really do it justice here.
    Good luck with the Creme Brulee. My favorite dessert!!


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