Woof, woof

At just days shy of 18 months of age, Chelsea is learning more and more words each week. She seems to understand most of what we say but doesn’t have many words of her own yet. Don’t get me wrong, she sometimes “talks” a blue streak – it’s just that we don’t know what she’s saying! Occasionally she comes out with a very clear “juice” or “hi” but consistency is a bit of an issue these days. She does say “Dada” very clearly and well and often, but “Mama” is taking a bit more work. (Go figure, since I spent almost every waking moment with her!) Funnily enough, I swear she has said “What’s that?” a couple of times which is really neat. I guess we point at things and say that to her quite often!

The word Chelsea does have down pat is the sound that a dog makes: woof, woof. Although she started off just being able to mimic the “ff” sound, as in “Hey Chelsea, what does a dog say?” and “Ff, ff!” would be her reply. Now, however, she’s graduated to the full on “woof, woof” sound. It’s so hilarious! She loves all animals it seems but sees dogs quite often, and gets really excited when she does. Chelsea’s “woof, woof!” is a common refrain around our house these days, especially when she hears our neighbour’s dog barking even when we’re inside our own house. (Chelsea loves it but Mama and Dada are not as impressed.)

Another animal sound Chelsea loves to make is a crow’s call. “Caw, caw!” she will say when she sees a crow come near. I think I started this word rolling when seagulls and crows used to land on the lightpost in the front of our last house and I’d point them out to Chelsea. It’s pretty funny watching her spy one of these black birds and immediately call out to it: “Caw, caw!” in a loud way.

I’m really looking forward to watching Chelsea learn, and be able to say, more words in the coming weeks and months. Until then, it appears we’ll be talking about dogs and birds quite a bit!

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