Maybe there is such a thing as karma

So the other day, as you now know, I spent some time plugging other people’s parking meters doing some random acts of kindness. Today I’m pleased to report that the karma generated from those acts came back to me.

I was having lunch with my parents and I had to run out and plug the parking meter for the car. While walking up the street towards it, I noticed that the parking officer (or whatever he is called) was patrolling but I didn’t know if he had already been near my car or hadn’t gotten there yet. I went up to my meter and noticed that it was flashing zero – oh no! Did I have a ticket?

No! I was able to plug a dollar into the meter just in time to have the officer walk by and check to make sure that all was well with my meter. Phew! Another 20 seconds later and I am sure that I would have had at least a $15.00 ticket sitting on my windshield waiting for me.

So maybe there is such a thing as karma? I plugged other people’s meters this week just for fun, and today I was rewarded with being seconds ahead of the parking officer to save myself a ticket. Nice. Thanks universe!

2 thoughts on “Maybe there is such a thing as karma

  1. Glad it came back to you. It's great to spread some good will.

    If we get caught without paying for parking it's a whopping £60 fine. That must be about $120 Canadian dollars.


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