A shoe fetish, whirling dancing and knows her no

It’s been a while since I did a 3BT post (Three Beautiful Things), so here are some things that I think are pretty great right now. It’s a “my daughter these days” theme, as you can see:

  1. Chelsea has just started trying to walk around in our shoes. At 17 months of age, she just has to do what Mommy and Daddy are doing! When we are about to leave the house to go somewhere, she often gets our shoes for us and will bring them to wherever we are. She also likes to help put shoes away in the closet when we get home.
  2. When I put on music, Chelsea “dances” by whirling around in a circle over and over again.
  3. Chelsea thinks it’s funny to shake and nod her head. How interesting that she “gets” that no is a shake of the head and will do that back to us, but doesn’t seem to be able to nod to us for yes yet. Does that mean we say no to her a little too often? 🙂

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