Moving and more moving

Phew! What a whirlwind these last few days have been. We moved house on Thursday night/Friday and were faced with a lot of dirtiness in the new house. It took me three hours to clean the oven on Thursday night and I’m still not done. I need to go at it again with another round of oven cleaner and also buy all new drip trays for the burners as they were shot. I also had to take the oven racks into Westcoast Appliances so they could dip them in chemicals for me to try to get them looking silver again and not black. Ugh! I hate moving into someone else’s dirt, it’s just disgusting.

It always takes some time before a new home feels like ours, doesn’t it? I know this ‘righting period’ of moving is always a difficult one for me. It’s a two-sided affair: I’m really happy to be in a bigger, nicer house, but at the same time it doesn’t really feel like ours yet. It has a different smell, it’s not as clean as we’d like it to be, and it’s full of boxes! Well, the garage is full of boxes – we’re bringing them in one by one as we can manage unpacking them. As anyone who has ever moved with young children knows, it’s not easy to do all these chores with a 17 month-old in the house! She just wants to get into everything.

But we persevere. It will take time, but we are slowly getting more and more excited that this is our house, our neighbourhood, our new life. We just moved to a different part of Victoria, ten minutes’ drive from our old house. But we like the neighbourhood here better, and I think the schools are going to be better for Chelsea.

I hope everyone is having a great long weekend. Think of me here cleaning and unpacking while you’re out enjoying a beach somewhere in the sun! Thank goodness there always is an end in sight to moving!

4 thoughts on “Moving and more moving

  1. Nice description of your troubles – I can just imagine it. Yeah, moving into a new house after someone and cleaning up their mess can be pretty annoying (the moving itself and the cleaning part). Good luck with it.



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