A Year of New – Week 6 – Sardines

This week is not only the sixth week during which I have tried something new for my “A Year of New” project, it’s the week we move house to another part of Victoria. So forgive me if my ‘thing’ this week is very small, it’s hard to think about anything else right now other than getting all of our stuff into boxes so that movers can haul it to our new place – today! It’s been quite the last few weeks, packing up our whole house. Neatly coinciding with a heatwave in Victoria, packing everything up has meant that we’ve been sweating up a storm getting it all ready in time. Ugh.

All this activity at our house recently meant that this week was a good time to try something new that was also something small. I don’t know why eating sardines popped into my head, perhaps because I read somewhere that it might be a good snack for Chelsea. She hasn’t liked fish to date, so I’m not sure how she’ll feel about sardines – but we’ll try! With these little swimmers, I might be able to relate with her feelings. I don’t know why trying sardines got me all in a tither, but I actually bought the can weeks ago and it has taken me that long to get up the nerve to open it up and try one of the little oily suckers!

It turns out, it was not a big deal. I actually like sardines! My biggest fear was that I would open up the can and little tiny heads and eyes would be staring up at me, but that wasn’t the case at all. The heads had been removed and the tiny little tail fins were easy to just pull off. (I don’t know if people eat those, but I didn’t want to.) I just tried one, to be honest, but it was 8pm on a night I had to fit in a lot of packing of boxes afterwards, and eating a whole can of oily sardines was just not high on my priority list. That probably was the worst part, that the fish was packed in oil so it was pretty greasy. The sardines I got were slightly smoked, though, so they had a nice flavour.

Who knew? Sardines is just another food that I have walked around for a lifetime thinking that I didn’t like and they aren’t bad at all. I might even buy them again sometime. But for today though, my food of choice will likely be pizza and beer – directly after getting all of our stuff into our new house!

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