Happy Valley Lavender Farm

My mom and baby group had a meetup at the Happy Valley Lavender & Herb Farm yesterday, and I’m so glad I went. What a sight! Lavender in bloom set out in multiple rows like this is just one of the prettiest things I have ever seen. It was a breath of fresh air to visit with all of the moms and babies amidst this stunning scenery.

Our group hung out under the shady tree on the lavender beds for a while. So idyllic! I could have hung around there all day soaking up the lavender goodness and drinking lavender lemonade in the shade.

Chelsea almost disappeared in the field of lavender since I dressed her in lavender-coloured clothing (by accident)! As you can imagine, the farm was an amazing place to take pictures since the lavender fields are so beautiful.

This is the last weekend the farm is open to visitors, as they will be harvesting the lavender crop tomorrow. Go today to enjoy the fields in pristine condition or tomorrow you can watch the workers cutting the lavender harvest if you wish. It’s $5 per person to get in, and you can also purchase lavender treats and lemonade to enjoy in their outdoor ‘cafe’.

This was my first visit to a lavender farm and it’s made me definitely want to return again next year. If you go, don’t forget to (purposefully) dress in purple!

5 thoughts on “Happy Valley Lavender Farm

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