Returning to the Organic Islands Festival

Chelsea and I headed out to the Organic Islands Festival on Sunday, in an attempt to pass the time and return to Glendale Gardens, which I hadn’t visited in a while. With Chelsea along and being on my own it was hard to visit the booths in depth, but it was a nice place to stroll and it certainly was buzzing there.

While we were there having a snack in the shade, I ran into two sets of friends with whom I visited for a while. I love Victoria for being small enough to have that happen sometimes.

The last time I went to Glendale Gardens it was two years ago, for the same festival. It appears that not much has changed, it’s still a beautiful oasis of greenery and flowers just ten minutes’ drive from my place.

Here are some more pictures of what the day looked like. Thank goodness our weekend was wonderful and sunny as yesterday and today have been back to 13C and overcast – ugh!

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