Momiji and the Mascot Travel Game

Most of us have seen pictures of the travelling gnome before, either through watching the French movie Amélie or from seeing advertisements from Travelocity. Well this morning’s meetup of my mom and baby group took that theme and ran with it, as I organized a “Mascot Travel Game” in downtown Victoria for our members.

Sadly, only six of us showed up, but at least we all had a good time! We divided into three teams of two and gave ourselves 45 minutes to scour the downtown area taking pictures with our brought-along mascots. My partner offered up her Momiji doll which we took for a whirlwind tour of James Bay, snapping pictures along the way.

It was great! We got about seven or eight neat shots of Momiji in various places: at the James Bay Market, in front of the James Bay Tea Room, and being held by Kim the owner of James Bay Coffee and Books, to name a few. Momiji even posed quickly with a horse and carriage tour as you can see in the photo above – definitely considered a very “Victoria” thing to do! Momiji travelled as far as we could take her in the limited time we had, and we got a few smiles out of people along the way when we told them what we were doing.

I can’t wait to see what kind of pictures the other two teams came up with. Everyone is going to email me their photos by tomorrow night so that I can put them up on our Meetup site for voting. I’ll post the winning shot here by next weekend if the winning team doesn’t mind. They’ll win the meetup fees of $5/person when their picture is chosen by the rest of the group as the best.

We’ve had some beautiful weather here in Victoria lately, and this was a wonderful way to spend a few hours downtown.

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