Tour of CFB Esquimalt

This afternoon my meetup group went on a tour of Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt, the local home of the Canadian navy. The base has regularly-scheduled public walking or bus tours throughout the summer, and custom tours are also available for special groups like ours. Our guide told us that this was her first baby group, which is something I hear quite a bit on our outings!

The base is a working dockyard but it is actually very picturesque in terms of the architecture of its buildings. Of course, being located right on the water with a mountain view in the distance, its scenery is quite spectacular. Our guide – a student from UVic on a co-op term with the base for the summer – was very energetic and knowledgeable about both the history of the dockyard and facts and figures about the fleet as well.

The rear admiral’s house is pictured above. Apart from being lovely to look at itself, it probably has one of the best backyard views of any house in Victoria: the waters of the Straight of Juan de Fuca with the American Olympic mountains in the distance.

The various flags of the Rear Admiral, Canada, and the Canadian Forces fly at half mast.

Across the water we can see Fisgard Lighthouse at historic Ford Rodd Hill.

The end of an old cannon has been decorated with a wooden plug and a Maritime Forces Pacific crest.

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