A Year of New

I’m in a bit of a rut.

I’ve been back to work for four months since my maternity leave and I feel like I’ve fallen into a too-comfortable routine of the same old, same old. Don’t get me wrong, I like my life, but I’ve been thinking it’s time for something new. Something more. A bunch of something mores.

I have this idea to walk a little on the edge, to do things I wouldn’t normally do. I’d like to try things I haven’t tried and write about the experiences here. I’ll pick one new thing to experience each week for 52 weeks. Some things will be relatively small. I hope others will be incredibly big. So far, I have a list of 26 things that I’d like to accomplish to stretch the way I live my life. I bet my imagination, once further activated, will easily be able to come up with 26 more.

I must say this venture excites me a lot and scares me a little bit too. A few of the things on my list are downright frightening to consider actually doing – to me at least, right now. Other things will more gently nudge me out of the rut that I say I’ve fallen into. And will I be able to stick with it? I’ll give it my best shot. All told, I just may not be the same person I am today when I come out of this little experiment on the other side.

“A year of new” begins this week. Come join me for this ride!

4 thoughts on “A Year of New

  1. Go Beth! What a fabulous adventure you're embarking on, while setting a wonderful example for your daughter at the same time. So inspiring!


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