Beacon Hill Children’s Farm

It’s become very clear to me that we’re going to be regulars at Beacon Hill Children’s Farm now over the next bunch of years. It’s a neat place to visit but I’m also very conscious of the fact that we live in a city and Chelsea just doesn’t get to see animals, apart from the neighbour’s cat, on a daily basis. So we’ll go again and again I’m sure.

It makes me think of reading an article about how city kids were amazed when a school garden program started up because most of them had never seen a vegetable growing in the ground before. They didn’t know what they looked like in the ground and they didn’t even know that vegetables came from the ground. They thought they came from the store! I can relate because two years ago I saw how brussels sprouts grow and it rocked my world. I had no idea what a beautifully-growing vegetable brussels sprouts are.

But back to animals. The Beacon Hill Children’s Farm is wonderful, a little piece of country right in the middle of a beautiful park in the middle of a beautiful city. It’s got a wide variety of animals considering how small it is and the entry fee is by suggested donation and very cheap. It’s getting more and more exciting for us to take Chelsea there, she really seems to enjoy it. This past visit she progressed to picking up a brush and brushing one of the goats – quite a change after the last time when she didn’t even want to touch one. (Maybe next time she’ll want to touch one with her bare hands!)

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