Spread the joy

The other day I made a presentation for work to people I had never met before and at the end of it one of the participants told me that I had a lovely speaking voice that was very nice to listen to. I probably blushed to the core, but managed a ‘thank you’ and smiled a big one at her. That comment has stayed with me this weekend, it was such an unexpected pleasure.

How often do we really say those kinds of things that we are thinking, to bring a little joy to someone else’s day? I try to do this when I am struck in the moment by something I appreciate about someone else and it always leaves me feeling good or even having learned something new about them. My hairdresser, for example, has an incredible sense of design style and has decorated her home-based salon in a multitude of interesting ways. I commented once on the painting that she had placed on the wall behind her desk, saying how much I really liked it. “Oh that?” she replied in an offhand kind of way, but with a touch of smile thrown in. “I painted that myself. It was just something I threw together.” I’m so glad I mentioned my appreciation of that piece that turned out to be hers. It confirmed for that that she really is an artist in many ways.

Most of us will never tire of hearing “You’re such a good mom” or “I love those shoes” or “That dinner was fabulous”, will we? Let’s spread a little joy and give our friends (and hey, even strangers) little verbal gifts like that so they can enjoy them for the next few hours or even days.

3 thoughts on “Spread the joy

  1. Hi Beth:

    Just read your inspiring written words…and it appears that you are living the good life in an area that has always been near and dear to our hearts. Heather and I are glad to share it with you, your family and friends.

    You will not remember the time that Heather & I traded jobs and homes in 1979-80. Heather was at the time, a very busy housewife/Mother while I taught at Burnaby Senior Secondary School in Burnaby. We lived in Surrey at 7728-144th Streeet(near Newton. This experience was one of my highlights of my teaching career. It was also an excellent learning situation for both Tim and Shelley as both of them excelled in their respective grades(7 & 3).

    When you describe the flowers and the places in your "Taste of Vancouver," I think I am like Pavlov's dog and the thoughts begin to flow from so many years ago.

    We are pleased that you enjoy living in paradise…Heather & John


  2. Nice to see you on my blog, John and Heather! I hope you're having a blissful life of your own these days.

    Mom – thanks for the comment on my turn of phrase!


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