Gardens at Government House

Well, my mom and baby Meetup group is still going strong (now at 145 members if you can believe it) and the other day we all met up at Government House – the official home of BC’s Lieutenant Governor – for a guided tour of their gardens. Our guide from the Friends of Government House Gardens Society said it was her first time speaking to not just adults but children, so we were happy to give her a ‘first’ kind of experience!

Some of us had never been to Government House before and some of us had, but for everyone I think it was a really great time. The rhododendrons were blooming fiercely and our little ones really loved the ducklings and turtle hanging around the small pond there. (OK, we adults thought they were pretty cute too.)

The best part, though, was actually at the beginning of the tour when we noticed His Honour, The Honourable Steven Point come out and sit casually outside on the wall in front of the house to have a snack. One of our little ones who just turned two this month walked right up to him and filched part of his snack from him! (It looked like some sort of steamed bun from my vantage point.) We all thought this little episode was hilarious. His Honour appears to be a very nice man.

Here are some pictures from our tour. I highly recommend any of you to stroll (it’s free!) there if you live in or near Victoria, or happen to be visiting.

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