Half marathon – how amazing!

On Sunday I took part in a half marathon here in Victoria. Well, OK, I ran it as a relay with three friends! It was a beautiful morning and a stunning location for a race – Oak Bay Village to Uplands and back. You have to admit that we do live in one of the prettiest spots in Canada to go for a run.

My leg of the race was 5K and that was just about enough for me. Even though I ran the Times Colonist 10K at the end of April, I have found that running on the road doesn’t really agree with my body. It hurts afterwards! I trained on the chip trail at Cedar Hill to prepare for the 10K and that is much easier on my joints and limbs. Road racing, not so much.

It was a humbling experience though. I started the race on leg 3, so it was around maybe the 9.5K mark. I was all excited to be passing people but then I had to put it into perspective. I had just started running and these people had already been running for 10K already! I saw people out there that were older than me and heavier than me and running slower than me, but they were running a half marathon! I was only running 5K! I just had to stop and remember that – they were doing something pretty amazing.

The most commendable of all I feel were the people that entered in the race and were in the over 70 category. Over 70 and running a half marathon! That’s 21 point something kilometres if I remember correctly. These guys looked amazing when they went up to get their winning medals at end; they had the long slim leg-look of lifelong runners, that’s for sure.

It really was nice to get out with my friends who I ran the 10K with and run this race in the month after. What will we do next? Well the Royal Victoria Marathon comes to town again in October, and we’re all signed up to run the 8K race that goes along with it. Nope, no marathons for me – probably ever! But that’s OK. I’ll leave it to the 70-year-olds to do that one.

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