I should be blogging

I should be blogging, I know. I mean, I’m doing it right now but it’s under pressure. I haven’t had the time, I haven’t had the ideas. We’re selling our house and I haven’t done our taxes yet and I’ve been working hard and trying to make sure I still spend lots of time with my family. I should be writing a proposal to speak at a conference and I should be coming up with an article idea to submit to a local magazine. Lots of ‘shoulds’ and ‘ifs’ going on right now, it’s hard to fit all my ideas and plans in.

Thank goodness I’m going on holiday in a few days!

Bear with me, blogging friends. I can’t keep up with my blog right now but I will turn back to it soon. To be honest, I’m having more fun with Twitter these days and am using it to cheat on my blog. Still want to hear from me? Follow me on Twitter in 160 characters or less @shadesofbliss. Otherwise, I might be a bit silent for a while here. But I’ll be back soon.

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