Getting off the island

If you have never been to Vancouver Island before, where the city of Victoria is situated, you should know that it is really quite big. It is 460 kilometres (286 miles) long which makes it almost the length of Ireland. It takes hours and hours to drive from south to north.

But in some ways Vancouver Island is pretty small. Considering Victoria is the biggest city on the island (Greater Victoria has 330,000 people) and I live in it, sometimes I just feel the need to get away. I’ve been “up island” (anywhere north of Victoria) before and sometimes that just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes I just need to vote myself off the island.

This past week I got the chance to do just that when I had to go over to the mainland to Richmond for a meeting. Thankfully, it was approved that I didn’t have to take the ferry (as that can take hours on both ends of the trip) – I was able to take the Harbour Air seaplane. Yippee! This meant that what normally would take about three hours by car one way, was going to take about 45 minutes. The actual flight was only 30 minutes in the air from Victoria to Richmond.

Of course I had to take some pictures along the way to share with you here. First of all, you can see by my legroom that seaplanes are not that roomy:

It’s neat to watch the Victoria Harbour go by before you take flight:

And very easily the plane takes off from the water to give you a wonderful view of the city below:

I love looking at the terrain and figuring out where I am in the air:

I sat in the back of the plane so I didn’t have to feel self conscious about snapping photos!:

Taking the sea plane is a dream compared to taking the ferry. I wish I could afford to do it more often. This particular trip was a quick one (I came back the same day), but hey, at least I got off the island for a little while and enjoyed some sights along the way.

3 thoughts on “Getting off the island

  1. Those shots of the plane leaving Victoria harbour remind me of a certain police boat that was asked to give the sea landing ‘strip’ a wider berth. At the Dragon Boat races, remember?


  2. I’ve never been on a sea plane. Looks like a great trip. Are internal flights still expensive in Canada? I’m going to Birmingham in the English midlands next month and am flying because it’s cheaper to fly than it is to take the train!And last month, I flew to the Netherlands for £50. The ferry would have cost over a hundred pounds!


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