Whenever you give, it will come back to you

I can’t remember exactly how Oprah says it, but a well-used line of hers is something about when you give to others, you will receive so much more than you’ve given. I found this came true for me the other day very unexpectedly.

A friend of mine is a consultant for Victorian Epicure and had an open house at her place which I dropped by to attend with Chelsea. We didn’t stay long as I found it hard to corral the exploring Chelsea (oh yes, she’s been walking for two months already) and she was starting to play with another woman’s very long and pointy keys which got me worrying. (Stupidly, I didn’t bring any toys for her.) Before I left I bought a tea tube for my mom, who had mentioned when she was here in February that she needed something to capture loose tea leaves in for one cup of tea. I thought it would be nice to send it to Mom in the mail and surprise her a little bit.

Surprise her I did, which was very nice for both of us. But another great thing about the whole purchase was that I ended up winning one of my friend’s door prizes at the open house after the fact. It was a $25 gift certificate!

Something tells me that if I had purchased an Epicure item for myself I might not have won that great prize. It was such a lovely surprise and now I have not only given a nice little gift away, but have received one for myself…two new knives that will be delivered into my hands any day now! Ah, karma…

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