And she swam like a duck

Today was Chelsea’s last day of swimming lessons in the ‘Duck’ category at our local pool. At the end of the class she received her progress booklet and it’s so cute! I have to admit that I don’t think Chelsea or I learned some of the things that were checked off on the report, like “facility orientation” or “choking prevention” and “choking response”, which is slightly concerning. (Perhaps we missed that day?) However, I can confirm that Chelsea did in fact learn “getting wet” (kind of a no brainer), “submersion” (yay!) and “front float” and “back float” (assisted, of course).

Check out the funny comments from her teacher:

As you can see, she got a sticker for her ‘graduation’. (Too bad I won’t let her have it yet. I’m not sure I’d like it stuck to the piano.)

Thankfully, Chelsea loves the water so I’m sure we’ll be doing lots more swimming lessons in the future. Unfortunately she’s not old enough for the ‘Sea Turtle’ classes yet so I guess we’ll just have to repeat the ‘Duck’ level one more time. (Maybe by then we’ll have all the items checked off at the end!)

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