Meetup madness

Last August I started a group on called the Victoria Baby Area Attractions Group. The whole idea of the group was to give me an opportunity to get out of the house with my daughter and still manage to have a life while having a baby. And of course, meet other people in person who are in the same boat. Amazingly, I now have over 120 members in the group and we’ve met up all over the town and seen some pretty interesting attractions together.

Our biggest meetup ever was a special Ghostly Walk of downtown that I arranged with local historian John Adams. Twenty-four moms showed up, all of them with their babies in tow. You can imagine we were quite the sight in downtown Victoria all strolling along in a big wide group!

We’re about to do it again next week at Beacon Hill Children’s Farm. Can you envision 25 moms showing up with their babies all to visit the farm at the same time? I can’t wait to see Chelsea’s reaction to the wonderful baby goats, not to mention the reactions of people’s faces when they see all of us converging on the farm at the same time with our children.

If you know of anyone that lives in the Victoria area who just had a baby, or has one that is still ‘strollable’ in a stroller or carriable in a carrier, point them in my group’s direction. We can always use more interesting and personable parents in the group! Just visit the badge in the right sidebar of this blog and you’ll find our site.

In the meantime, watch for us and our babes on the streets of Victoria. We just might be visiting a Victoria area attraction near you.

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