When we let her eat cake…

Chelsea turned one last week, which is quite an amazing thing to accomplish when you consider that once she was the size of a coffee bean. The last year has gone by so fast and I’ve enjoyed watching her grow from a tiny wee thing (if 8 lb 12 oz can be considered tiny!) into the robust, walking up a storm, getting taller every day little lady she is today.

For her party, we decided to order the free cake from Thrifty’s which is available for all children on their first birthday. It was going to be Chelsea’s first taste of cake, and we wanted to get a cute picture of her eating it and mashing it all through her hair and so on. You know, the requisite picture that everybody takes on their child’s first birthday. We thought it would be a lot of fun.

Well, when it came time for that picture-perfect moment Chelsea was either full from having had a big lunch an hour before, or was really not very interested in having cake, because when we put a small piece in front of her to have at it she didn’t even want to touch it! I tried putting her fingers in the icing, and she yanked them away. I even tried to feed her a bit with a spoon. In the end, she just put her thumb in her mouth and turned away from the cake, as if to say, “I’m bored with this whole process and I’d like to do something different now.” It was so strange!

The picture we ended up getting was of her sucking her thumb with an almost pristine-looking piece of cake sitting in front of her. She may have well said, “let the rest of you eat cake, but not me!” So we did. (It was good.)

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