Lots of tea for two

A couple of weeks ago my mother was visiting and we ventured out to the Victoria Tea Festival. My husband was home to take care of Chelsea so Mom and I found ourselves with a few hours baby-free and we had no trouble spending the time.

We got to the tea festival just before they opened, and there were already a bunch of people milling around outside waiting to get in. Not long after the doors opened the place was packed. The tea festival was quite the going concern.

My favourite part was sampling the delicious treats at Bubby Rose’s Bakery and other exhibitors offering sweets. (Did you really think I went there just to drink tea?) And there was a wonderful children’s author – Babette Donaldson of Emma Lea Books – on the second floor whose magical stories about tea I will buy one day for Chelsea. Her books were beautifully illustrated and one made me exclaim in delight at a lovely turn of phrase I noticed.

On the down side I was a bit disappointed that most of the vendors at the festival served samples of their tea in paper cups which I found really interfered with being able to actually taste the tea. Kudos to the organizers for trying to be environmentally friendly and using paper instead of plastic cups, but unfortunately the sampling was a bit marred by the taste of paper in our mouths. I don’t know what the answer is here, but perhaps someone will come up with a new idea for next year.

To top off the lovely visit to the tea festival, I took Mom to one of my favourite fast food spots (well, pretty much the only fast food spot I frequent at all) in the downtown area: The Noodle Box. Their Spicy Peanut Noodle Box is to die for. Yum!

Thanks, Mom, for coming to Victoria to visit. It was wonderful to have a few (!) spots of tea with you that day.

One thought on “Lots of tea for two

  1. Okay, we must have been in sync yesterday as I mentioned the Tea Festival in my blog, too. Such a lovely time I had with you all in Victoria. Looking forward to May and your visit to Ontario. It’s all about family, isn’t it?Love you, Mom


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