Three things about tea

I was browsing the cooking section of the library the other day and came across this sweet little book about tea. It’s called “Steeped in the World of Tea” and is full of stories and poems all related to tea. Who knew that reading about tea could be so interesting? It’s the perfect little book to read a few pages of before going to bed at night.

My friend introduced me to the Tazo Organic Chai concentrate that comes in 1 litre tetra-paks at the grocery store. All last year we had been meeting up with our babies at Starbucks for chai lattes (we might as well have bought shares in Starbucks with all the money we spent there) so clearly we both have an affinity for chai but not as much of a love of spending all that money on chai! Buying the concentrate and adding milk to it at home makes a delicious liquid treat that tastes exactly the same as it does in the coffee shop but for much cheaper. Now I can have chai every day at home! Yum.

I just bought tickets for my mom and I to go to the Victoria Tea Festival when she comes to visit us in a few days. The tea festival is going on Feb 14 and 15 in Victoria and it’s something I’ve wanted to go to. The ticket prices are a bit steep (pun intended!) so let’s hope it’s worth it. I love going to events like this – happily, Victoria has a lot of them.

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