My doors

As anyone who has been to our house in the last year (OK, year and a half) knows, we haven’t had interior doors on on our main floor for quite some time. Well, I suppose we’ve always had a bathroom door (OK, except for that one week while we painted the new one – that’s a whole other story) but there are closets that have been door-less for what seems like eons and eons. OK, it actually was eons and eons.

But things have changed.

We now have doors! I’m so excited about this that I want to shout “I love my doors!” from the rooftop. (Except I don’t know how to get onto my roof, so I won’t.) Is it a little crazy to get so excited about doors? I don’t think so. If you’d waited almost a year, and four doors later, for just one particular front door to be installed, you’d know exactly how I feel.

It just feels so darned good and right and proper to have my doors. They’ve made me very happy. And the other day one of my friends called our hall linen closet bi-pass doors “sexy” … without any prompting from me! (I must admit, that set of doors in particular makes me swoon with delight.)

With a little crawler in the house, it’s more important than ever now to have doors. I’d rather Chelsea not get up close and personal with our dirty shoes, with our toilet paper, with our cleaning supplies, or with myriad other things that we like to keep behind closed doors.

And now she won’t. Sigh. Life is good.

(Or it will be once we get them all painted.)

2 thoughts on “My doors

  1. Hello, I came to your blog from who knows where? You know, just following bloggers’ favorite blogs until I find one I get a kick out of reading…today, it’s yours. Just too funny about your closet doors! I’ll be back to play ‘catch up’. Take care.


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