Silk Road

Silk Road is this lovely tea store on Government Street in Victoria where you can buy the most amazing tea and tea accessories. Yesterday I went with my mom and baby group to do a tea tasting there. We had such a nice time.

We tasted six teas, two of which were blended with juice to make a really nice drink that would be great in the summer. I never think of mixing tea with juice, but it’s good! It would be a nice way to have something similar to lemonade or ice tea, but without as much sugar.

The store has a wonderful modern aesthetic. It’s clean, bright, spacious and the wares are fantastic. Going there makes me think I need a new mug, or a new teapot, or a new spoon, or something!

The tasting bar is a relatively new addition to Silk Road. Check out their website for tasting events that you can attend on your own, or contact them to arrange a private tasting for your small group, like I did. Our guide was very knowledgeable about tea and the whole tasting was really interesting. (And of course, delicious!)

Now I just have to book an appointment in their spa for a facial or the like, and my Silk Road experience will be complete!

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