Back to running

Now that my time of being pregnant, having a baby, and experiencing bodily recovering from having a baby is over, I thought it was high time to get back to some regular exercise. Oh, sure, I’ve been going for walks here and there with friends (with our strollers) but I haven’t done anything much other than that since Chelsea was born. I haven’t done anything formal.

It was time to change this, so on Sunday I started my Times Colonist 10K run clinic!

I took this clinic to run the 10K two years ago and it was quite great. I had never run before, and that clinic helped me to get over the hump from being a non-runner to being a runner. I was thrilled at the 10K when I crossed the finish line and knew that I had done it! I wanted to experience that again this year, and of course, get back into shape.

The clinic on Sunday started off slow, as there is a new coordinator and he is doing things differently. But it’s a ‘good different’ and I think that the clinic will be a worthwhile one. The coordinator seems to know a lot about running and I’m confident that one of the new programs they have to choose from will work out for me. It certainly felt good to put my running gear back on and leave the house to do something physical just for me.

So here’s to another season of running and a race to look forward to in the spring. This time I hope that my knee stays healthy and doesn’t act up. I’d like to try to keep running even after the 10K this year, and make it part of my regular life.

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