One Roast Vegetable

I have a friend who is very talented in many ways but her latest creative endeavour is quite brilliant. It’s a cooking site called One Roast Vegetable, which has the main purpose of encouraging people to eat a more healthy, vegetable-laden diet.

Why do I love this site so much? It’s not just because Shelley is my friend, it’s because the site is really good. First I got on the email distribution list for the free side of the site, through which I receive really great cooking tips and ideas about how to eat more veggies and other important things. Step by step photographic (and sometimes video) instructions are included, which are especially helpful for aspiring or timid cooks.

I recently won a free one-month membership to the fee side of the site (don’t worry, the cost is quite minimal per month ) and I’m enjoying it even more. It’s chock full of articles on healthy eating and related issues which are useful and interesting to read. The One Roast Vegetable membership site also features illustrated step-by-step recipes and on a regular basis Shelley holds teleclasses over the phone on important subjects related to healthy eating. I just listened to an audio file for a teleclass she held on Motivation and Meal Planning – two issues I sometimes struggle with – and found her insights to be really (and immediately) useful. Shelley is a fantastic teacher, writer and graphic designer and her site reflects this.

I suppose I could gush on all day about One Roast Vegetable and how much I love it (and I’m not getting any kickbacks, believe me!) but nothing will replace a first-hand look at it yourself if your interest is piqued. If you love to cook, or want to learn how to cook, or want to eat more heathily, or need a little inspiration in the kitchen where veggies are concerned, check it out. Your health will be glad you did!

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