Sitting on Santa

A milestone was marked today in the lead up to Chelsea’s first Christmas, we took her to see Santa Claus and have the requisite picture taken!

My aunt recently gave Chelsea a lovely little formal dress and so we dressed her up in that (phew!) and took her to the mall. When first I tried to hand her to Santa, she balked and reached back for me. So I sat down beside Santa and chatted to her for ten or fifteen seconds and he made some kind overtures. I handed her to him again and she was great. The woman taking the picture motioned me over, asking me to try to get her to smile, and as soon as I was in plain view and smiled at her, Chelsea broke out into a wide grin. There we had it! The picture with Santa was quick and painless and no tears were involved. Yippee!

Mom tells me that was a far cry from how I used to act as a little girl (shy little one that I was, all tears), so I’m thankful. We got a cute pic out of it for the memory books, and it was fun to start a tradition like this with our little girl.

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