Ah, Arizona

This past week we went to Arizona for a holiday, staying in the Phoenix area. We had such a great time and definitely want to go back again in the future. The highlight of the trip for me was going to Sedona, a beautiful town north of Phoenix that has breathtaking and scenic red rock mountains peppering its landscape. Here are a couple of Sedona shots so you can see what I mean (somewhat – I definitely need a better camera!):

The gingerbread house display at the J.W. Marriott was unbelievable!

And this was taken at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum near Tucson where we saw javelinas and a snake exhibit, to name two things of interest there:

We also went to see the entertainment village called Rawhide, which was kind of a joke (and very dead at this time of year!):

In the end it was a great vacation and one we didn’t want to come back from, especially considering that tonight it’s snowing in Victoria (lightly, but with a wind behind it) and this morning we left the desert where we had no coats on! Sigh…

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