Beth’s favourite things

Every year Oprah does her Oprah’s Favorite Things episode and everyone goes wild. (If you’ve never seen that particular episode, check it out. It’s quite something!) In emulation of that great TV personality and because I’m starting to think about Christmas, I thought I’d present some of my favourite things this year. Enjoy!

1. Garneau Slippers

For years my family and I have shown allegiance to Garneau slippers, in particular, the suede “Lazybones” style. They’re lined with sheepskin, they’re warm and comfy, and they last for years. My husband just got me a new pair of red ones for my birthday – yippee!

2. Fruits & Passion Room Mist

At just a couple of inches tall, this cute little room mist smells delicious and makes an unobtrusive “I’m here if you need me” display in our washroom for family and guests alike!

3. Saltspring Soapworks Green Tea Body Balm

This lotion not only smells great, it goes on nicely and leaves your hands feeling smooth, not greasy. But the best thing about it is that it’s natural and, for me, local!

4. Epicurean Cutting Boards

This cutting board is a dream to cut on and it doesn’t dull your knives. It washes easily in the dishwasher and doesn’t stain. I have two and want another one to replace my big white plastic cutting board that has seen better days and pales in comparison to the Epicurean.

5. Kuhn Rikon Paring Knives

Not only are these little cutting knives beautiful and available in an array of colours, they are super sharp and come with their own protective sheath. Mine is lime green!

6. ShadyFeet’s Toy Tether

My friend makes these toy tethers in her home-based business and mine has been a fantastic addition to my diaper bag this year. Fasten the one end around your baby’s favourite toy and fasten the other around your (or your baby’s) wrist, your stroller or highchair. The tether keeps the toy from hitting the dirty ground or floor when your baby decides to throw it overboard.

7. Lillybean Toys’ Sock Monkeys

I picked up a cute little sock money in pink with white polka dots for Chelsea the other day at Victoria’s Out of Hand Craft Show. I really wanted the pirate one to buy for my nephew-to-be but it was gone when I returned to the booth after hemming and hawing about whether to buy it! They are all hand-stitched with dental floss to make sure the pieces don’t fly off into babies’ inquisitive mouths.

2 thoughts on “Beth’s favourite things

  1. What a great list, Beth!And I loved the stocking toy at the end. I notice you have given me quite a few of these things and they are my favorites, too. Thanks!


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