I’m hearing more and more these days about Lyme Disease. Have you heard about it too? Lyme is an emerging infectious tick-borne disease and I’ve been told that it is expected to infect more people this year than HIV/AIDS. “Left undiagnosed or improperly treated, it can lead to lifelong crippling disabilities and even death.”1

A friend of mine and her daughter both have this frustrating and disabling disease and they are soon putting on a free screening night of the film “Under Our Skin” (view trailer here), about Lyme. They are trying to raise awareness of the issues surrounding it which include difficulties with diagnosing and treating Lyme. In my friend’s words, “The film is thought provoking, heart rending and insightful as to the political storm and medical controversy raging around this disease.”

If you live in the Victoria area and have a connection to Lyme, or an interest in knowing more about it, please attend. Here are the details:

Free Screening of the film, “Under Our Skin”
Royal Roads University
Grant Building, Quarterdeck
2005 Sooke Road
Wednesday November 19

Visit this page for more details, and see you there.

2 thoughts on “Lyme

  1. Hi Beth, I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease on top of ME/CFS about 5 years ago. I tried some horrible treatments for it which made me feel like death warmed up. Fortunately I discovered breathwork and my immune system was able to fight it. It’s rarely heard of in the UK, yet Scotland is full of ticks. I had several tick bites when I used to go hillwalking.


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