Gettin’ ready for the leftovers

This week I bought the biggest turkey I’ve ever bought. We decided to have Thanksgiving tomorrow since we missed it while I was away in Utah (yes, Canadians have Thanksgiving quite a bit earlier than Americans), and so we arbitrarily decided to make our Thanksgiving November 8. Some friends are coming over.

There were only three turkeys in the store and the smallest one didn’t have a pricetag on it, but I took it up to the counter anyway. It turned out to be 20 pounds! (Don’t even ask me how much it cost…ouch. Luckily it was customer appreciation day so I got 10% off!)

The good thing is that we love turkey, otherwise we wouldn’t be pleased to have a mountain of leftovers after everything is said and done tomorrow. This way we’ll be in turkey heaven. My husband even put in a request for a double recipe of stuffing because, as we all know, the stuffing is really the best part.

So think of us here tomorrow giving thanks and having fun with friends and, most importantly, eating a TON of turkey!

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