Back on the bandwagon

Hallowe’en is over and luckily we did give away the rest of our Hallowe’en candy to my husband’s workplace. Still, I feel like I’ve been hitting the bad food pretty hard lately what with that holiday and the vacation preceding it (and lots of Starbucks visits before that), so it is time to reign things in. Yesterday I made a simple, good-for-me lunch which I thought turned out quite beautifully on the plate, so I snapped a picture. It was just made up of a couple of cajun shrimp skewers from the grocery store plus an easy salad of carrot, celery, cucumber, peppers and olives on a bed of spinach with a touch of dressing on the side. Yum!

I eat pretty well most of the time but have a few blips here and there. I love to bake and that is sometimes my downfall. But I’ll have to put my baking yens aside for a while, it’s time to get back on the healthy bandwagon!

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