A push in an eerie direction

Do you believe in ghosts? I think I do.

The other day I was taking part in the Ghostly Walk that I organized for moms and babies led by John Adams of Discover the Past Tours. Part of the route took us down Helmcken Alley, a narrow alley which empties onto Bastion Square in the heart of downtown Victoria. As I walked side by side with my friend down the alley, pushing my empty stroller and carrying Chelsea in my front carrier, all of a sudden I felt my feet drop out from underneath me as though I were falling into a hole. “Whoa!” I exclaimed as I stumbled, looking down to check my footing. Nothing was there. My friend was walking right beside me and hadn’t felt a thing.

After we exited the alley and joined John in Bastion Square he asked if anyone had felt anything strange walking down the alley. One other person said they felt like they were being pushed on the chest. To me, it felt like I was falling, but was it actually that I was being pushed down? I tried to remember what had just happened.

Had a ghost just tried to push me down in Helmcken Alley? Out of 24 people who walked down the alley, only two of us admitted to feeling something happen to us. And believe me, I’m not lying. Something strange did occur to me there, although I can’t explain exactly what it was. Did I encounter the ghost of the man who was murdered down that alley years ago on the way to his execution? Or did the power of John’s ghostly suggestion contribute to my experience?

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