Shady Feet

One of the best things about being a new mom is that I’ve met so many wonderful other new moms in the last seven months. We’re all in the same boat: home, with babies, and wondering what to do with ourselves! Well, one of my new friends has found another way to keep herself busy aside from tending to her darling baby boy. She has opened up a new home-based business making and selling beautiful baby-related items.

I knew when I saw Barbara’s clever Shady Feet stroller cover that I just had to have one to put on my BOB stroller for Chelsea. Not only was the cover great during the summertime to protect Chelsea’s bare legs and feet from the sun, it has been useful this fall as well by acting as a bit of a windbreak for her lower half. My Shady Feet cover happens to be a beautiful blue and white floral pattern – to match my blue stroller of course! See it in action here as Chelsea and I were strolling around Beaver Lake today in Saanich:

The Shady Feet online baby store also features other clever items that you can purchase for your favourite baby. An invaluable item in my diaper bag is now the toy tether, which I can attach to my stroller, highchair, or my or Chelsea’s wrist to make sure her toys don’t drop on the ground when we are someplace where I’d prefer they don’t drop on the ground!

I can’t say enough good things about the Shady Feet store or its owner’s willingness to go the extra mile. I just want to give her all the support I can as she goes forth in this new venture. She’s a mom who just wants to stay home with her baby but she’s also an intelligent businessperson to boot!

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