Farm tour

I was out and about in Victoria yesterday, toting Chelsea along as usual. We braved the rain and went on a tour of Haliburton Community Organic Farm, and bought some produce from their farm stand.

I’ve talked about Haliburton before, it’s an organic farm run by a non-profit organization. The farm includes the society’s plot of land and two other plots managed by local farmers. They’ve got some lovely produce and their farm stand is open two days a week until the end of October. Check out their website for directions as it’s easy to miss the turn off from Haliburton Road.

If you’re interested in further supporting local farmers and getting some fresh organic produce on a regular basis to boot, the farm is taking a waitlist to be part of their CSA (community supported agriculture) program next year. Here are some delicious-looking boxes that were waiting yesterday to be picked up by the CSA participants:

I went home with some pears, red potatoes, cherry tomatoes, yellow and green zucchini and a cucumber from the farm stand. I had to stop myself there – it all looked so good!

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