There has always only ever been one

Some time ago, I signed up for a toe-up sock knitting class at a local yarn shop. I was all excited – it was the first time I was going to knit socks! Even though I was a new knitter, I was assured by the shop employees that the class would be fine for my skill level.

Boy, were they wrong.

It turned out to be the only time I ever almost actually started crying in class, and it was about knitting socks, for goodness sakes! I just couldn’t seem to get what the teacher was talking about, and she didn’t have a clue as to how to explain herself well enough so that I got it. (She kept saying “Don’t you see?” – and I didn’t!) The little how-to book she had published that went along with the class didn’t help either. I got so frustrated that I felt myself on the verge of tears, which frustrated me even more! I almost got up and walked out of the class and never knit socks again.

Well I didn’t get up and leave – I stayed in the class over the weeks that it ran – but the result was that I only ever knit one sock of that pair. And I really did never knit socks again. (Or ‘sock’ again, since I never knit two socks to begin with…) Once the class was over, I put that mate-less sock in my sock drawer (far at the back) and left it there to languish. Until today. For some reason I remembered it, and pulled it out to photograph it for you.

Here it is, all lonely in it’s ‘one-ness’:

So now the sock has been remembered and brought out into the light of day. But the question is, should I knit its sister? Or quit while I’m ahead? Maybe this sock can be unraveled and have a new life as something else which would be much less stressful for me to knit! But in actuality, even though this sock was a bear to knit, it actually does fit my foot quite well. And I still have the other ball of yarn. And two of these socks might be cosy on my feet this coming winter. Sigh. Looks like I have another project for my needles soon. I’ll try to hold back the tears this time around too!

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