It’s that time again

Bright red cheeks. A runny nose. Fingers in the mouth. Crying when normally there is no crying. Put these all together and what do you get? Chelsea’s teething again!

Her bottom two teeth came in in early July, so I think it’s the top two that are coming in next, but I can’t see anything. Let’s hope those teeth break the surface soon. Last night she decided that she didn’t want to fall asleep in her crib, she wanted to fall asleep in my arms. Several times over we went through the following routine: she would fall asleep and I would gently lay her down in her crib. Then immediately she would wake up crying to be held all over again, so I would pick her up. Up, down, up, down. Luckily she did manage to get several hours of sleep in her own bed, but I still spent a good lot of time holding her too, and then I brought her in to sleep with me this morning for a couple of hours. (That was scary in itself – I still have the recurring nightmare sometimes that I’ve smothered her in my sleep in the bed, so I’ve never pulled her into bed with us…eek!)

Let’s hope the next two teeth pop through as fast as the first ones. It’s hard for our little girl to be her happy self when Nature is having its way with her!

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