Bento boxes

I came across a lovely blog the other day on an unusual topic that I really knew nothing about, but have come to love: bento boxes! The site is called Lunch in a Box, and it’s all about building a better boxed lunch.

A bento box is a traditional Japanese container (and there are so many cute ones!) that holds your whole lunch: separate items arranged in a visually attractive way nestled in beside each other. Traditionally, a bento box is made up of three parts carbohydrate, two parts protein and one part vegetable and fruit.

On her blog, Biggie (obviously not her real name) informs us about all things bento: she tells us where we can find bento boxes and accessories, lets us know about food safety issues surrounding the use of bento boxes, and – most importantly – takes pictures of actual bento boxed lunches that she has prepared for herself, her husband and especially her preschool-aged son. She tells us what food she’s put in the boxes, how it was made, and how the lunch was received by her little guy when it came time for him to eat it. Her blog is full of tips not only on how to pack a bento box lunch, but how to make fast, delicious, healthy foods for packing any kind of a lunch. Biggie lived in Japan for a time and is fluent in Japanese; naturally, she would know a lot about Japanese foods. She has inspired me to start looking for alternative lunch items to the things that we eat every day. She has inspired me to start bento-boxing!

In this day and age of environmental awareness and ‘green’-ing, I figure the bento box is something we should all start using for our lunch. Carrying them would eliminate the need to use so many of those little plastic baggies and other items we normally use for transporting our lunch and then throw away. More bento boxes, less waste. That’s a good thing!

I’m so excited to start packing healthy lunches for Chelsea when the time comes. I even bought her a little bento box (white with pink polka dots) and matching fork when I went to Daiso the other day. I may be getting a little ahead of myself though – right now she’s still eating rice cereal and doesn’t know how to use a fork!

2 thoughts on “Bento boxes

  1. As an Asian, bento have been part of my culture. Mum usually pack all of us (my father, my brother and I) lunch. Shamefully, I never bothered with bento until recently…and it was Biggie’s blog who got me into it too!You don’t have to wait for your princess to make bento. 🙂 You can bento for yourself too. You know, in case you’re too eager you can’t wait. 😀 I’m planning to even bento my at-home snack. I’m that crazy I guess.


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