From the gardens

One of our neighbours sometimes gives us fresh vegetables from her garden, which is very nice of her to do. The other day she asked me if I wanted some beets. Now beets are something that I’ve only just started eating in the last year or so, and out of my husband and I, I’m the only one who thinks they’re alright. I might have declined our neighbour’s offer in the past, but now that we have a baby in the house I said yes. Chelsea just started eating some solid food, and trying out beets is now on her ‘to do’ list! I roasted them yesterday along with some sweet potatoes – another food she’ll be trying and hopefully liking shortly:

Considering that my vegetable garden is now two feet high with weeds (I promise to take better care of it next year), I love getting offers like this of free vegetables. I should be taking more advantage of the plethora of farm markets Victoria has at this time of year; every municipality here seems to have at least one great outdoor market. Last weekend I went to the Moss Street Market (how could I have waited almost the whole summer to go?) and saw my friends from Haliburton Farm there. If you live near the Victoria area and you’ve never been to Haliburton (it’s a non-profit organic farm in Saanich), please do drop by for a visit. They would love your support. I took home some of their pattypan squash and white cucumbers which were both nice. Come to think of it, I’ll have to get more squash soon to cook up another few meals for the babe!

One thought on “From the gardens

  1. I used to get force-fed pickled beetroot at nursery and hated it all my life until I discovered that it was the pickled bit I didn’t like. I actually love raw beetroot.


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