Flying with a baby

I was just back home in Ontario visiting my family, and flew with my daughter Chelsea for the first time. She’s now five months old and turned out to be a good little flyer. She fussed a little bit, but not so much so that other people would turn their heads and give us dagger looks on the plane! (I’m now that person I used to dread seeing get on the plane – the woman with the baby!) During the flight, mostly Chelsea just ate, slept, played with her toys and watched the little TV that was located in the seat back in front of us.

However, I learned that plane flight has an effect on my baby that I never had anticipated. It causes poop explosions! On the flight from Victoria to Toronto, it only took half an hour before she had a massive poop, which leaked right out of her diaper, onto her clothes and onto the two WestJet blankets that I had placed between her and my lap. Poop was squished right up her back to the level of her armpits. Thank God the blanket protected my clothes! I would have been sitting in poopiness myself for the remainder of the 4 hour plane ride.

Having dealt with that explosiveness on the way to Toronto, I was more proactive on the plane ride back – I picked up blankets right away and used them as a barrier of protection again for my lap. About 1/2 hour into the flight I changed her wet diaper with no trouble, but about 5 minutes after I changed it and had sat back down, she had a poop explosion in her clean diaper. It leaked all over her outfit. Luckily, I had brought some backup outfits, so I changed her into the first one. Another five minutes passed back in our seat, and a poop explosion erupted again! There went another outfit. Back in the seat again a few minutes later, I heard another massive poop ring out. Unfortunately, it too was a leaker! I changed her into her third outfit, which she promptly pooped in one more time soon after we sat back down. Now I was down to putting back on the sleeper that she had been wearing when she woke up that morning. (We had left early for the airport.) After I got her into that sleeper – the last clean piece of clothing in my diaper bag – I prayed that she was finally empty of poop. We still had about three and a half more hours to go before we got back to Victoria! All in all, we ended up going through three outfits, three Westjet blankets, and four diapers before that flight ended. Phew! Thank goodness I had a seat right next to the washroom, as we definitely got our full use of it during that flight!

The flight attendant later told me that our intestines expand when we fly, so that probably had something to do with Chelsea letting loose her bowels so vigourously! What a trip – and of course this all happened while I was flying with her alone. Next time I’m going to make sure her Dad comes with me so that he can share in the clothes and diaper changing fun in the tiny plane bathroom. Ha ha!

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