Wings of paradise

Several days ago, while I was vacationing in Ontario, I visited the Wings of Paradise butterfly gardens in Cambridge. It was a little like returning to the scene of a crime because last time I was there – several years ago with my husband – I accidentally stepped on a butterfly and it had to be taken to the butterfly doctor area to be tended to. (It wasn’t my fault! It flew under my shoe just as I was stepping down!) Luckily, this time we came and went with no incident.

Although a bit small, the garden is lush and full of foliage, lots of butterflies and some tiny birds as well. I love the waterfall in the centre of it all. It really did feel like I was stepping into a tropical paradise when I entered. It was a bright sunny day and lots of butterflies were in flight. It would be a great place to visit on a cold but sunny day to feed your body a blast of tropical warmth.

Here are some pictures from my visit. It’s hard to snap pictures of the butterflies in flight, but I thought the greenery and flowers were also very picturesque. Check out the turtles hanging out by the water too.

2 thoughts on “Wings of paradise

  1. She watched the butterflies briefly as far as I could see, but she fell asleep soon after we got there! (I had just fed her before we went in…silly me!)


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