Tall ships

The tall ships were in town this weekend so yesterday I mosied downtown with Chelsea to take a look. We didn’t pay to get into the site, because it was smokin’ hot and I figured we couldn’t take the full sun exposure, but we did meet up with my hubby (he was working) to have fish and chips at Red Fish Blue Fish (yum!) and strolled around the Inner Harbour. Here are some pics from our afternoon.

This artist is often downtown on Government Street chalking absolutely beautiful paintings on the sidewalk:

I saw the Djazz Kids for the first time and listened to their music for a while. They look about 12 – and they’re good!

The Parliament Buildings looked picturesque as usual:

And the Empress was a hot spot as per the norm as well:

Finally, here are the tall ships!

It was neat to see them all hanging out in the harbour. There were some absolutely huge private yachts around as well. The crowds were thick. Next year perhaps I’ll go in and take some tours of the ships.

I love this city … there are so many things to do!

3 thoughts on “Tall ships

  1. The chalk artist is amazing!My Uncles both love boats and boating – it would be fascinating to take a tour of the tall ships.I was wondering if it was hot in Victoria — it is roasting hot here! After all those cold rainy days — BOOM. It’s summer.


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