The Great Debaters

These days I don’t really have much time – or even the inclination – to sit down and watch a lot of TV anymore. There are more pressing things to do, like take care of my almost-four-month-old baby girl and try to sneak in a little “Beth-time” around the edges. (Where does the time go?) But the other night I just felt like watching a movie with my husband and so picked up The Great Debaters at Rogers. This is a true-story movie about a college professor in the 1930’s who heads up his Negro school’s debate team. The team experiences tremendous success and eventually ends up being invited to debate the all-white Harvard team. Central to the story is the racial hatred which existed during that time, where lynchings still occurred and black people still sat on different benches and at the back of the bus. Denzel Washington and Forest Whittaker star, and the three young people that formed the debate team are also bright lights. A great rental for the thoughtful viewer.

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