What you might not know about me … #1

Inspired by Mo’s post of many months ago, I thought I’d write seven things about me that you don’t already know. I’ll start with the first one today and leave you a bit in suspense for the rest.

1. I’ve visited three sections of the Great Wall of China near Beijing. At one of the sections (Mutianyu) my companions and I walked up the wall and then slid down a large hill to the bottom on a slide using contraptions that looked like GT snow racers. What a strange thing to do at one of the world’s most historic places. (It was fun though!)

3 thoughts on “What you might not know about me … #1

  1. What a wonderful experience. I would love to visit China one day.Last year’s festival was the first time I had meet other bloggers too. I really enjoyed meeting you.


  2. What a fantastic experience. I can’t imagine how incredible it would be to see such a remnant of the ancient world.Like that you really were in the moment too!


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