Another hit to smoking … yes!

The province of Ontario just passed a ban on smoking in cars with children inside. Whoo hoo! Take that, smokers!

Surprisingly, the article on CTV’s website mentioned that it’s already illegal to do this in British Columbia, where I live. Who knew? I guess I haven’t been on top of this one but I’m not complaining about the fact!

That’s another giant leap for mankind…

5 thoughts on “Another hit to smoking … yes!

  1. Isn’t that great? I was so happy when I saw that report.But I had no idea that it is illegal here already?! Sheesh. I see it happening far too frequently to have even guessed.It’s probably like the helmet law – never enforced. Does this mean that if you see it happening you can call and report it to 911?Maybe I should look that info up…


  2. I wouldn’t call 911 for that situation, but you could probably call the non-emergency phone number for the police. Believe me, the helmet law is definitely enforced here! I know a police officer very well…


  3. What’s the helmet law? I’m intrigued.All I can say is that Alan’s helmet saved his life when he had is bike accident. His helmet was scraped and scratched but his head perfectly intact.


  4. The helmet law is that everyone in BC has to wear a bike helmet if they’re going to be riding a bike. There’s a fine attached to it if the police catch you not wearing one.


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